Rooster Craft for Chinese New Year

January 23, 2017


Create this rooster craft for Chinese New Year with a simple art process. Create this rooster craft for Chinese New Year with a simple art process.

Last week I introduced Miss 3 to the process of tissue paper bleeding and it just about blew her mind. Just quietly, it also blew my mind as to how long it kept her engaged.
We then turned the finished artwork into roosters to herald the imminent arrival of the Year of the Rooster.

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Fairy Bread Craft for Australia Day

January 21, 2017


A simple, kid-friendly fairy bread craft for Australia Day Make this simple fairy bread craft for Australia Day with the kids.

The mere thought of shopping with two small humans generally leads to me breaking a cold sweat and a racing heart rate.
As a result, I do a fair bit of online shopping which leads to a fair few delivery boxes around the house.
To justify this online habit, I’m forever trying to come up with crafts that recycle all the boxes that seem to enter our household. This one is such an example.
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Process Art Valentine’s Wall Hanging

January 16, 2017


Use two different painting processes to create this Valentine's Day art. Truth be told, we don’t really “do” Valentine’s Day at our place.
Mr Day spins that story about “It’s just a Hallmark event….”
“I don’t need a specific day to tell you that I love you…” blah blah blah.
This does not, however, stop me from jumping aboard the Valentine’s Day art bandwagon.

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Oh Creative Lady: Meet Julia

January 12, 2017

Oh Creative Lady

Through blogging and Instagramming, I’ve been introduced to an amazing Virtual Sisterhood of Creative Ladies. Meet Julia from CutOuts Kids. I have a cracker of a Creative Lady to start the series with for 2017! Julia is a singing art teacher with an infectious enthusiasm and ridiculously rad approach to living creatively with littles. I have read and re-read this interview so many times, radiating in her words and soaking in all of her advice. Just quietly, 2017 looks to be the year that Julia takes the world by storm. She has so many exciting things in the pipeline- I can’t wait to see it all unfold. (Make sure you check out the #kidartlit challenge over in Instagram!) I’m obviously a massive Julia FanGirl… Introducing Julia!

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12 Fail-safe Steps to Finding the Perfect Baby Name

January 9, 2017


Finding the perfect baby name How did you decide upon baby names?
Was it a straightforward process? Tense?
Did you looked deep into their eyes straight after birth and the name came to you, right there and then?
With less than 10 weeks until we welcome Baby #3 Earthside, we’re in the complicated depths of the Name Game.
We don’t want anything too common. Nor too wacky. As a teacher, approximately 55% of all names are ruled out because they remind me of a kid I once taught.
Here are our 12 fail-safe steps to finding the perfect baby name.
(N.B You probably don’t want to follow our steps because WE STILL DON’T HAVE A NAME.)

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6 Chinese New Year Books for Kids

January 6, 2017

Books / Picture Books

Chinese New Year Books for Kids

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The Chinese or Lunar New Year begins on January 28th this year.
2017 marks the Year of the Rooster.
People born in the Year of the Rooster are said to be hardworking, resourceful, courageous and talented.
(Please note that I am a Rooster and obviously all of these things. Sarcasm intended.)
Once the Christmas picture books are packed away, we generally crack open the tub of Chinese New Year books.
Here are some of our favourite Chinese New Year books for kids.

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Our Best 16 Art and Craft Projects of 2016

December 31, 2016


Best 16 Art and Craft Projects of 2016 Nothing like a bit of reflection to help you realise all that has come to pass over a year.
How would you summarise your 2016?
I’m still grappling with what 2016 was for me.
The grid above suggests it was bright, busy and filled with different creative pursuits.
I’ll take that.
Here are our best 16 art and craft projects from the year that was.

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Oh Creative Lady: Meet Cathy

December 29, 2016

Life / Oh Creative Lady