The Monday Meander

June 15, 2015


Grab a cuppa, sit down and meander through some of these links to get your week off to an awesome start.


My Dad and I danced to the Beach Boys version of this at my wedding.
This version is EPIC!
(I had to text my 16 year-old niece to confirm that it is indeed Harry and Zain from 1D serenading each other with “God only knows what I’d be without you.”
Clearly shot before “The Break-Up.” Awks.)

The voyeur in me loves checking out the routines of others.
Here is Gabbie’s writing process.

How cool is this truck-themed party?

Are you any good at impersonations? I’m rubbish at them!
I love the slight awkwardness evident on Kit Harrington’s face as three guys
imitate Jon Snow.(The 3rd dude wins hands down!)

My Husband and I hit the cinema this weekend and saw Mad Max.
I’m quite surprised at how much I loved this movie. It is the most visually epic thing I’ve seen in a long time and I’m still digesting all of the themes.
Love these Mad Max Hey Girl! memes.

Oliver Jeffers writes and illustrates the most magnificent picture books.
This podcast was so interesting.
His gorgeous Irish lilt also makes for some easy listening.
I really need to jump on board the podcast train. Any suggestions?

Stop saying you’re busy! You’ll be happier!
(I’m currently reading Notes From a Blue Bike. It’s a great read!
This article echoes many of Tsh Oxenreider’s sentiments about living life in an intentional way.)
What are you reading at the moment?

Last night, my Toddler decided that sleep between the of hours 10:30 and 2:30 was for the weak.
I thought about this book numerous times between those hours.
I should study this list of How To Put A Toddler To Sleep in 100 Easy Steps.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit average and was in Cranky Mummy mode.
So we got dressed, headed to Toddler Dance and soothed ourselves with coffee and pancakes.
(Man, I wish parental participation was optional in Toddler Dance.
Me bopping along to Yo Gabba Gabba ain’t a pretty sight.)

All is well in the world now.


How has your Monday been?

I’m linking up with the lovely ladies at The Annoyed Thyroid, Calm to Conniption,
A Little Part of the World and My2Morrows for their Ultimate Rabbit Hole link-up party.

Continue your meanderings with them!

  • Oh, thanks for linking up. I’m off to check out your links. First stop, Jon Snow! Oh my, that was just class! You made my day with that link alone!

  • Gabrielle Stroud

    Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for linking in The Print Posse. Have I told you lately that I love your site? Well I do!!

    • Shannon from Oh Creative Day

      You’re too kind, Gabbie. Whenever I think of a Posse, I think of cowboys in the Wild West. In my imagination, The Print Posse sling pens and tote notebooks. Yee-haa! xx

    • Lovely Gabbie! Thanks for dropping by.
      When I think of a Posse, I always think of cowboys and the Wild West. I imagine you ladies as pen-slinging, notebook-totin’ writers in cowboy hats. And after your comment, I now have “Have I told you lately….” by Rod Stewart stuck in my head 😉

      • Gabrielle Stroud

        Well my work here is done! I love sharing an ear-worm! And yes – we are wild writers from the olde wild west! We have played with lots of pictures trying to find an image to capture that very idea. Haven’t found one as yet, but Yanicke’s verrrrry creative so it will happen eventually.

  • Oh I am intrigued by Notes from a Blue Bike. I just checked out the website. I might just have to add that to my reading list.