Monday Meander

February 15, 2016

Life / The Monday Meander

The Monday Meander has enjoyed a Summer hiatus.
I decided to give it a well-deserved break over the Festive Season but somehow we find ourselves in February.
So I’m going to pretend that the hiatus was in line with the Lunar New Year.
Being the first Monday in the Lunar New Year, it seems an opportune time to share with you some of my favourite links from around the Web.

I’m sitting here with an iced coffee (it’s HUMID here in Sydney!) and some lemon slice (leftover from a lovely afternoon tea with Peregrination Gourmande and some bloggy friends on the weekend.)
So I strongly suggest you grab a cuppa and a sweet treat and settle in.

I completed my Masters of Teaching at the University of Western Sydney. They recently had a commercial that went viral.
It centres around Deng. You need to read his story.
It will make you count your lucky stars and marvel at this tenacity and resilience.

As a teacher, parents often ask me what they can do at home to help their children’s learning.
My stock-standard response is READ. Read with them, read to them, listen to them read.
From now on, I might just hand parents a link to this TEDx clip.
Yes yes yes. I kinda feel like parenting is kicking my butt at the moment.
We seem to be having a natural shift in routines here. Baby Bear dropping naps and The Little Ladybird taking more effort to go down for a nap.
The goalposts are forever shifting in the game of parenting, aren’t they?
I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about the amount of screen time The Little Ladybird has been getting lately as I try to buy time to get Baby Bear to sleep.
So I headed over to Bron’s site because I know she has some fab Screen-Free Ideas for the Family.
But then I found this article.
And it was a beautiful reminder that this too shall pass.

As I change nappies, offer apple/sultanas/toast and attempt to locate the twirly skirt that must be worn this very second, I do sometimes fall into trap of thinking I’m being “left behind.” (From what exactly, I’m still not sure….)
This article is for anyone who thinks they are falling behind in life. If you want to have a laugh at my attempts to craft and parent, check out our DIY Valentine’s Bag.
Did you do Valentine’s yesterday?
We don’t really celebrate it here, but we’re all for a grand love story.
Over on Instagram, my Instabuddy Hazel and I are celebrating #4ThingsILove. Please come join the LoveFest.
Another of my Instabuddies, Claire, has just set up a blog celebrating her love of picture books. She’d love it if you could pop by and welcome her to the web!

Never fear, I shall pick myself up from the calamity of the DIY Heart Bag and am inspired to try some of these crafty projects.
White clay ornaments.
DIY dominoes.
And I posted this one on my Facebook. So pretty!! I do love to flamingle, so please leave me a comment.
How has your start to 2016 been? What’s for dinner tonight? How are you?

  • I’m very excited that the Monday Meander is back – you find the best links! I love love and that love story was grand indeed! I do love a happy ending!

  • Wow. Deng’s story is incredible. Really really incredible. I loved Bron’s golden years post! And totally agree the best thing you can do at home is read to amd with your kids!! Off to check out that TED video. So glad to have the meander back!! Xx

    • It’s almost too incredible to believe, right?

      I’m going to refer back to that Golden Years post again and again and again!

  • So many links I need to click. Those flowers are just beautiful!!

    • “Borrowed” from the gardens of a friend and my MIL. The best kinds of flowers are always free!

  • Can’t wait for post #2!!

  • Hooray for the Monday Meander! You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for that DIY Heart Bag – your crafting attempts with a toddler is commendable and a heck of a lot more artistic than mine!! And that flamingo photo is just awesome – so happy and colourful xx

    • Flamingos for the win! Thanks for the kind words, Tash. It was seriously one of those “QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD, SHANNON!” moments.

  • Naw, I’m so glad I could help you out of a parenting butt kick. Some days, mate, sooooome days (and sometimes the days are weeks and sometimes the weeks are years… but let’s not think about that right now). Sleep is the thing that got me every single time with parenting. Only Cappers was a good little sleeper, my other two were disasters and EVEN THEN Cappers’ dropped her day sleep at 18 months. EIGHTEEN MONTHS. What kid does that!?! Oh, just my “good” sleeper, that’s who. Anyway, onwards, my friend. x
    PS – I think the Val’s Day bag is lovely. That’s what crafting with kids REALLY looks like when you actually craft with the kids…

    • Dropping naps at 18 months? That is the worst nightmare of any parent! It’s a case of the more you fixate on something, the bigger an issue it becomes. So I’m trying to act all cool on the sleep-front. But man, I wish it was easier and that we ALL got more of it! But thank you for the pep talk. It was much needed.
      I like to pretend that my craft-style is “Kiddy Chic.” So 2016. So hot right now. xx