Hi and welcome to Oh Creative Day! It’s all kinds of awesome to see you round these parts.
I’m Shannon and this is my blog.
I’m a mum. A teacher. An enthusiastic user of pom poms, PVA glue and paint.

Kidspot named me “A Crafty Mum Worth a Follow on Instagram.”
I’m a contributor at Mumtastic Australia where I share random tips like How to Entertain the Kids Until Dinner with Invitations to Create. Or I’ll show you How to Turn Baby Clothes into Fabric Flowers. (Useful everyday stuff, right?!) You can find all my Mumtastic articles here.
I also talk craft and picture books over at Hello, Wonderful.

www.ohcreativeday.com This was meant to be a space celebrating my love of kids’ picture books and my aspirations to write my own picture books.
But then it became about something much bigger….

Have you ever looked back on your life and realised there was one definitive moment that set your life slightly, wonkily off-course?
Oh SNAP! Me too!

For me, that moment was in a Year 8 art class. (For the nitty-gritty on this seemingly inauspicious but ultimately life-altering episode, click here.)
Thanks to that art class, I spent years thinking I wasn’t creative.
Slowly, slowly, I began to realise that this Apparent Truth was, in fact, super un-true.

I’m at my happiest when I am creating… stuff. With my two little sidekicks besides me creating their own mess, The Little Ladybird who is 2 and Baby Bear who is almost 1.
www.ohcreativeday.com Ultimately, this blog isn’t just about creating picture books and pretty stuff*. It’s about creating love-soaked memories and a life I’m proud to be living.
And just surviving until nap time without getting paint on the furniture really.

I’d do a happy dance** if you joined me in celebrating the little bits and bobs of creativity in our everyday.

*Although I cannot ever guarantee that I always make pretty stuff. Let the record show that I have no formal training in any art/craft related field. Although I like to think that with PVA glue and washi tape, anything is possible. (Pinterest has a lot to answer for.)

** By “happy dance” I clearly mean one of the cheesy, arm-flapping variety.

  www.ohcreativeday.com Still not convinced that we’re kindred spirits?


I live with: My Man, Our Little Ladybird and Baby Bear. They are all super-rad and tolerate me when I forget the words to songs.

I am: a teacher; daughter; sister; wife; mother; a speaker of Italian, high-school French and yum-cha Cantonese; a cat AND dog person and a coffee AND tea drinker (some may say I’m hedging my bets. I say variety is the spice of life.)

I believe in: books being as important as breathing; the power of education to transform lives; travel as a form of schooling; going with your gut; leaps of faith; The Universe; collaboration; family; love; laughing; cheesy dancing.

I wish: I had perfect eyesight.

I don’t: like runny egg yolks or that peel/reseal stuff on food packages THAT NEVER RESEALS!

You can find out more about me here. Or here.
Or that time Bron interviewed me over at Maxabella.


Thanks so much for taking the time to hang out here.

If you can’t find me round these parts, come find me on Facebook, Instagram or pinning the day away on Pinterest (dinner will cook itself, yeah?)

Or you can even email me on: shannon@ohcreativeday.com

Unless specified, all photos used on this site are taken by moi. I don’t have any fancy equipment/ technical skills. But should you wish to use one of my images, please do me a solid and drop me an email. kthankyoubye.


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  • Lovely to meet you. I am in awe of your craftiness, your PVA proficiency and how you work wonders with washi. I’ll be back!

  • Hi Shannon. What a lovely blog and oh you are so creative. High Tea this Saturday I believe!! x Chris xx chris@bitsandpieces.net.au

  • Louise M

    Hello from FMS gift exchange! Nice to meet you, great about page, I get stuck on mine! Looking forward to having a look around 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by, Lou. I keep thinking I need to update this page. Such a work-in-progress. Kinda like life, I s’pose?!

      • Louise M

        Definitely, there is always something to add or change!

  • Ooh, I have just found your blog Shannon! I’m a food blogger myself but am also obsessed with craft, so am really looking forward to following you!!