17 Picture Books to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

February 12, 2017

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Picture books to prepare your child for a new baby Welcome to Picture Books du Monde, a monthly link-up where bloggers from around the world share their love of all things related to picture books.

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How do you prepare littles for the arrival of a new bundle of joy?
Here are 17 picture books to prepare your child for a new baby.

It’s my second time round preparing a little person for a new baby.
Here are 13 picture books about new babies we used the first time round.
Baby #3 provides a perfect excuse to add some more books around this theme to our shelves.
We’ve been loving these 4 in particular.

Hello in There! A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting by Jo Witek and Christime Roussey

picture books to prepare your child for a new baby Every day, my Miss 3 inquires “Is the baby coming today?”
The Waiting Game must be unbearably long for a little person!
This oversized, lift-the-flap book from the creative geniuses behind “In My Heart: A Book of Feelings” and “Brave As Can Be: A Book of Courage” beautifully captures this sense of anticipation and wonder as the protagonist waits…. and waits… and waits for the arrival of her sibling.

As the story progresses and we turn each page, we see Mum’s belly grow and grow on the left side of the double page spread. Flaps that increase in size allow us to peek in at the baby growing in Mum’s belly. On the right side of the spread, the big sister talks to the baby, asking questions and describing the world on the outside.

picture books to prepare your child for a new baby

Hello Baby by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas

picture books to prepare your child for a new baby Miss 3 has declared that “Hello Baby” is her favourite book about new babies.
We are given a glimpse into the day of a family preparing for a home birth from the perspective of the youngest child.
This book is infused with a sense of calm and warm gentleness. We watch as Mum starts having tummy pains that signal the imminent arrival of bub. Off she sets for a walk to move things along. The midwife arrives and our narrator plays with her medical equipment.
The whole family pitch in to help Mum deliver this baby.
The story is told in an honest but moving manner and celebrates welcoming a new baby at home.
(Currently only seems to be available via Book Depository and Amazon.)

Too Busy Sleeping by Zanni Louise and Anna Pignataro
picture books to prepare your child for a new baby

Oh gosh, newborns can be a bit boring, can’t they?!
Freshly minted big sister, Eleanor is keen to play with her new brother and to show him the world.
Unfortunately, Reuben is always too busy sleeping which occasionally causes Eleanor some frustration.
This touching book captures the excitement an older sibling can feel when they welcome a new playmate into their life.
The watercolour and collage illustrations from Anna Pignataro are divine.

Miffy and the New Baby by Dick Bruna

picture books to prepare your child for a new baby
Miffy is preparing to become a big sister. She makes some presents for the baby and waits and waits for the new arrival.
When Miffy finally meets her younger sibling, she marvels at how tiny the baby is.
Told in simple rhyme, there is something so enduring and engaging about Miffy books.

What are the favourite books at your place about new babies?
Be sure to pop over to Cathy’s blog where she is sharing her two favourite French picture books about siblings.

We’re your Picture Books du Monde hosts- Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande and Shannon from Oh Creative Day.

Peregrination Gourmande

Hi! I’m Cathy. I’ve always been a picture book lover.
When I started my job as a psychologist, I discovered the power of those books on the children with whom I was working.
The power of words combined with illustrations. After I became a mum there was no reason to stop me buying tons more picture books for the family.
Now I have 2 little bookworms and a well-used VIP card at my local bookstore.
I’m also married to a collector of graphic novels. The bookshelves are full!
I’ll share with you each month a selection of picture books that interested us. I might also have some suggestions from my 10 year old daughter.
I hope you enjoy the link-up and the good books.
Head over to Peregrination Gourmande to see Cathy’s Picture Book du Monde picks for this month!

Oh Creative Day

Hello! I’m Shannon, a teacher and a mama to 2 kids under 3. I blog here at Oh Creative Day.
I believe that reading is as important as breathing.
I dream of having my own picture books published one day. I truly, wholeheartedly believe that there is a picture book to help all little ones (and big ones!) through most of life’s situations.
They really are a perfect vehicle for making sense of the world.

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