March 9, 2017

Life / Oh Creative Lady

Oh Creative Lady - Oh Creative Day Joanna from The Blue Barn and I have been Instagram friends from way back. I love her love-soaked tales and colourful insights into raising her brood of 4 in the countryside, fostering creativity in the Big Blue Barn on her property. I once asked her why it mentioned in her profile that she was an “occasional rally car driver.” She replied that it was an accurate description of the way she was often tearing around in her car, shuttling kids between activities. That’s when I knew she was my kind of lady. How fun it would be to hang out with her in The Barn, elbow deep in paint. One day.
Until then, it’s a pleasure to introduce this Oh Creative Lady, Joanna.

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Freezer-Friendly Family Meals

February 22, 2017


AKA Preparing for BabyGeddon

Freezer-Friendly Family meals We’re entering that uncertain period of pregnancy where the baby could arrive ANY DAY.
If I look back at my 2 previous pregnancies, I have a familiar behavioural pattern.
At about 35 weeks, I’m possessed by this insane nesting instinct to COOK ALL THE THINGS and stock up on freezer-friendly family meals. Read More

Oh Creative Lady: Meet Rima

February 15, 2017

Life / Oh Creative Lady

Oh Creative Lady - Oh Creative Day Brace yourselves.
This Oh Creative Lady has an incredible way with words. Her purpose behind what she does is powerful and humbling. I strongly suggest you go and make yourself a cuppa and perhaps grab a few biscuits or a sweet treat. Make yourself comfortable, settle in and let the eloquence and thoughtfulness of Rima’s words wash over you. I’ve returned to her words so many times as I’ve put this post together. So many of her thoughts had me exclaiming “YES! EXACTLY!”
It’s a pleasure to introduce Rima.

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11 Creative Ways to Entertain Kids (When You’re A Billion Weeks Pregnant)

February 8, 2017


Creative ways to entertain kids when pregnant Here are 11 creative ways to entertain the kids when pregnant and refuse to bend down to pick things up/ can’t move too quickly/ want to just sit in the one spot for an extended period (aka Being A Billion Weeks Pregnant.)

Okay, so I’m partial to a bit of exaggeration and I’m sitting at 35 weeks pregnant.
But that’s just a few shy of a billion, right?
3 pregnancies in three-and-a-half years means that this old body is protesting with a crazy combo of aches and pains.
Coupled with this insane heatwave and we’ve been sticking close to home of late.
(A polite way of saying that the motivation and energy required to organise and shepherd a toddler and preschooler out of the house is fairly non-existent.)

Apparently these little people expect to be entertained on a daily basis. What’s with that?

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Oh Creative Lady: Meet Fynn

January 25, 2017

Life / Oh Creative Lady

Oh Creative Lady - Oh Creative Day I love hearing about the adventures that make up the lives of others. Today’s Creative Lady trained as a Chemical Engineer. She then moved into Teaching. Then became a…. well, I’ll let Fynn tell you her story. Fynn is the clever and creative mamma behind the Insta account, @happytotshelf. Each month she explores a different theme based on the interests of her kiddies, and sets up a bookshelf to help them delve into those interests. How fun it must be to be a little at Fynn’s! Introducing Fynn!

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